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Get ready to witness the blazing talents of the next generation at the ‘Fire Of Youth’ music competition in the vibrant heart of Singapore! This electrifying event ignites the stage with the raw energy and passion of young musicians, each note struck and every lyric sung embodying the fierce determination and creativity that defines the spirit of youth. The ‘Fire Of Youth’ competition celebrates not just music, but the boundless potential and dreams that burn brightly within these emerging artists!


Unleash your inner visionary and capture the world through your lens at ‘LIGHTCHASER,’ the ultimate youth photography competition in the dynamic city of Singapore. This remarkable platform invites young photographers to chase the interplay of light and shadow, freezing moments in time that tell stories beyond words, and where the future of Singapore’s photographic narrative develops in a breathtaking dance of creativity and radiance!


Embark on a vivid journey into the realm of creativity with ‘CHROMATIKA,’ the ultimate youth art competition set against the backdrop of Singapore’s artistic tapestry. This extraordinary event dares young artists to boldly paint their visions onto the canvas of the world, where every stroke and every shade conveys not only artistic prowess but also the exuberance of a generation unafraid to blur the lines between the conventional and the extraordinary!

Who We Are

We are a passionate team of students, dreamers, who believe in the transformative power of art, music, and photography. We are dedicated to providing a platform for young artists to shine. Our competition aims to nurture creativity, encourage self-expression, and celebrate the diverse talents of youth worldwide.

VOMG Judges

Fire Of Youth


Mr Rick Smith is an accomplished jazz guitarist with over thirty years of professional experience. He has performed with many well-known international artists on stage and on recordings in the United States, Asia and Southeast Asia. He speaks and reads Mandarin fluently after spending six years in Taipei arranging songs for popular pop stars. Rick has a Masters in Music Pedagogy from LaSalle School of The Arts.

Fire Of Youth


Michelle is an independent music artiste from Singapore with a soulful, trailblazing dynamic, and a unique ability to assimilate the various sounds and voices of people and musicians she meets. Her effortless improvisational skills in soul jazz blues and showmanship has made her a popular artiste. After the release of her debut album ‘Multiplicity’, Michelle was nominated “Overall Best Female Artiste” at VIMA Music Awards in Asia. She was also nominated for “Best Genre-Bender Award”, and made it to a global listing on Unsigned Only 2018, the only Singaporean artiste amongst artistes predominantly from North/South America, Europe, Australia.

Fire Of Youth


Mr Richard Jackson is a seasoned singer with over 20 years’ of experience spanning the globe – from the US, to Russia, China, Australia and Europe. He has had the opportunity to worked with and performed for George Clinton, The Stylistics, Regina Belle, Peabo Bryson, Incognito and Bob James. Mr Jackson has a degree in Music Performance from Central States University.



Amy Tan is a creative multi-hyphenate. A fashion designer with her own label in progress, trained in both Paris and Singapore. Amy has stamped her unique aesthetic vision on everything from stage and sets to branding and packaging. She enjoys pushing new boundaries in design, whether it is creating brand logos, styling and photographing food, creating art installations or even designing the largest pinball Christmas tree in Singapore. Amy is driven by a deep passion to make a difference through what she creates; whether one wears it or gazes upon her artwork, it must elevate the senses. Amy loves working with youth, imparting her skills and inspiring them to reach for the stars.



Nur Iman bin Sumani is a local artist working with various media, focusing on graffiti. With a portfolio of diverse projects, his work has been in featured in various national-level art initiatives in Singapore. Beyond the aerosol cans and concrete canvases, Iman finds purpose in nurturing young talents, instilling in them the need for collective effort in painting graffiti which connects people. Beyond the aerosol cans and concrete canvases, he encourages young artists to enjoy what they do, and everything else will come naturally.



Tam Kwan Yuen is an award-winning artist working primarily in watercolors. Active in both the local and international art scene, Tam paints scenes with a modern approach to his technique. Tam’s works have been regularly selected into international juried shows and have won several awards. He is the third Singaporean to be conferred Signature Membership in the AWS in 2020. His works have been featured in art publications, including the 17th Issue of the Art of Watercolor Magazine and selected as Winner in North Light Books’ Splash 18: Value | Light + Dark Issue edited by Rachel Rubin Wolf. He has also been recently awarded the Nanyang Outstanding Young Alumni Award by his alma mater, Nanyang Technological University, for his outstanding achievements in art.



Mr Dan Lim is the founder of Camwerkz, a leading local company in the realm of camera equipment rental, with branches in Malaysia and Cambodia. An avid and passionate photographer himself, Dan has studied at the prestigious New York Institute of Photography. With an astute eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, he has cultivated a reputation for providing top-tier camera equipment and unmatched customer service. Dan’s journey reflects his dedication to marrying his creative pursuits with entrepreneurial endeavours.



Mr Jon Leong is the visionary founder behind Red Dot Photo, a pioneering company that has been a cornerstone in the camera equipment industry since its establishment in 2008. With an unwavering passion for photography and a keen business acumen, Jon’s commitment to providing photographers with unparalleled tools and gear has garnered both local and international recognition.  His dedication to excellence and innovation continues to shape the industry.


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Date: 3rd September 2023

Time: 3PM – 8PM

Location: Drama Centre Foyer


Date: 3rd September 2023

Time: 6.30PM – 10PM

Location: Drama Centre Theatre